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Financial Ethics

We do not pressure anyone to contribute financially to our church. To avoid this, we do not pass an offering plate or basket, but we do make an offering box available for those who desire to give to the Lord through the ministry of this church. We are not opposed to collecting an offering, we just choose not to so no one will feel pressured to give.

We will provide a receipt to anyone who requests one. If a receipt is desired, the contribution should be by cheque or enclosed in a sealed envelope with the person's name included.

The offering is counted by someone other than the minister.

The offering is taken to the bank by someone other than the person who counted it.

The entire offering is deposited in the bank every week.

A report of total offerings and a full accounting of all expenditures will be available on a regular basis.

For more information please contact:

Rev. Jon Gleason on 01592 744363 or via the ‘Contact’ page 

at Mind Renewers


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